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Osaka, Nara, Kyoto

Day 6

We spent most of the day traveling from South Korea to Japan. Once in Japan, me met our new guide and headed for Nara, to the see Todaiji Temple of the Great Buddha. The Daibutsu, or Buddha, is 49 feet in height and is the world's largest gilded bronze Buddha. It is housed in an all-wood building, the Daibutsu-den, the largest wooden building in the world.

At this site, there are also Sika deer! 🦌 The deer also wander throughout the grounds for it is believed in the Shinto religion, that the deer are messengers of the gods. Feeding them was a really highlight!

After visiting Nara, we drove to Kyoto where we had dinner and checked into our hotel. Space is at a premium in Japan, so every square meter counts, and we got the experience that as well! Everyone was ready for a good night's sleep.

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