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Day 5

This morning we made our way over to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, primary residence and seat of govemernt of the Choson Dynasty. We were able to rent hanboks. Meaning 'Korean clothes', the 'hanbok' was introduced in the late 19th century by Koreans as a term to help differentiate their everyday dress from a recent influx of western-style clothing. At the hanbok store, we were able to pick out our clothing and some kids even had their hair done. It was a very special opportunity that made our visit to the palace magical.

Photo by : Delimar Rivera Hau

Travelers were able to see the changing of the guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Photos by: Ingrid Méndez

The grounds were absolutely majestic. Every corner seemed place you in a fairly tale.

After visiting the palace grounds, we had lunch and shopping time at Myeongdong. This was folllowrrd by a visit to the Kimchi Museum [Kimchigan] and Kimchi making experience.

For dinner we were excited to try Korean Fried Chicken and it did not dissapoint!

Our day wasn't over yet, though. We visited N. Seoul Tower to see Seoul at night. The views were breathtaking.

After such a busy day, we were happy to return to our room and get some sleep. Our days in Korea had been spectacular- filled with incredible sights and culture. The next morning, an early wake up call awaited as moved into Japan. 🇯🇵

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