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Seoul, South Korea

Day 1

On March 21st our group of 42 adventuresome travelers began our journey to South Korea and Japan. We stopped in New York and Istanbul before arriving in Seoul on March 23rd.

Evil-eye protection in Istanbul

After getting organized at the airport, we met our guide, Helena, who started showing us around right away.

Antiques Street in Seoul.

We ate lunch at a shopping street in Seoul were people got to try traditional Korean dishes, and sweets. Next we visited Jogyesa temple, a Buddhist temple, In the heart of the city. It was gorgeous. Those who wanted to could say prayers and set intentions for a safe journey, and made wishes.

After visiting the temple, we stopped by a museum to learn how to write our name in Hangul, Korea's alphabet, using calligraphy brushes. Hangul was invented in 1443 by King Sejong, the fourth king of the Chosǒn Dynasty.

For dinner, we experienced traditional Korean BBQ, which was delicious!

We made one more quick stop at 7Eleven to stock up on snacks, and headed to our hotel. After what felt like an eternity traveling, we were all ready to shower and sleep! 😴

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