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I’m thrilled to have been selected as a 2023 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow by National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. I’ll be traveling on an expedition Circumnavigating Iceland this July. Only 50 educators from across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico were chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants. During this field-based educational opportunity, I’ll be sailing aboard the National Geographic Explorer and can’t wait to share my experience with you!  
Photo Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins.

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Austurland (East Iceland)

July 19 Sunrise 03:11 Sunset 22:47 We disembarked at Djúpivogur, one of the best natural habors of Iceland's southeast coast. Similar to...


July 18 Sunrise 2:50 Sunset 22:54 What makes a community worth protecting? Its contribution to a nation's GDP? A historic legacy to...

Norðurland Eystra (Northeast)

July 17 Sunrise 3:02 Sunset 23:45 Goðafoss Historical Turning Point and Natural Beauty This was a special but emotional day for me....

Siglufjörður & Akureyri

July 16 Sunrise 02:51 Sunset 23:34 Siglufjörður One wouldn't think that a museum dedicated to the history of herring fishing and...

Ísafjörður & hvalir

July 15 Sunset 00:14 am Sunrise 03:03 This morning we visited the town of Ísafjörður or "ice fjord". Ísafjörður is a major access point...

Dynjandisvogur & Vigur Island

July 14 Dynjandisvogur We continued sailing in the Vestfirðir/Westfjords of Iceland. This area is characterized by an intricate coastline...

Góða ferð

("Góða ferð "means Bon voyage in Icelandic) July 12 & 13 Flatey On July 12th, after a tour of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, we...


Photo Credit: Alexandra Daley-Clark, Lindblad Expeditions From April 13 to 16, National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions brought all...


In 2016, I attended the National Council of Social Studies' Conference in Washington, DC. It was there that I was first introduced to the...

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I’m so glad you’ve arrived! My name is Katrin Beinroth, and I am a teacher and school administrator from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where I lived until moving to Rhode Island to attend Brown University where I completed a double major in Latin American Studies and International Affairs. After graduation, I decided to pursue a career as an educator and was fortunate to complete a Teaching Apprenticeship at the Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA. I have taught since 2000, and have worked in public, private, and charter schools. I have a Master’s Degree in Urban Education from Simmons College. In 2008, my family and I returned to Puerto Rico. Since then I have been teaching English and Social Studies at Southwestern Educational Society (SESO), where I am currently the School Director. I am passionate about inspiring students (and now faculty and staff) to explore the world around them and to think critically about the past. I aim to cultivate meaningful student relationships and nurture an Explorer Mindset in my students. I enjoy spending time at the beach with my family, viewing and making art, and traveling of course!
This site is dedicated to sharing my adventures on my expedition A Circumnavigation of Iceland with National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions during July 2023. Are you ready to be inspired?
Photo Credit: Mark Thielen, National Geographic

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Want to learn more about Educator/Explorer? For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!Photo Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins

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